our team

Let us introduce ourselves. Our growing company currently spans SIX different time zones. Yes, you read that correctly. It can make scheduling a meeting challenging, but we love it.

Not one of us started out as a sleep guru or mattress expert (what even is that?) What we were is skeptical about all the noise out there, committed to wellness, and eager to learn and try something new.


There’s no traditional hierarchy at Sleep Advisor. Suggestions for improvement flow up as often as they flow down, and leadership here isn’t about power or fancy titles; it’s about building us all up.

Lucas D’Angelo

Writer & Editor-In-Chief

Lucas is an esteemed copywriter and our trusty editor. When he’s not knee-deep in work, he likes to cook, go to the movies, and get obscenely drunk. His overwhelming self-confidence is matched only by his brilliant turn of phrase. Fun fact: he cuts his own hair!


Writer & Designer

Dion is a graphic designer, copywriter, and part-time voice actor. He loves traveling, loud music, and Super Smash Bros. He’s also ranked #1 in ‘hug-giving’ worldwide! If you haven’t had a Dion hug, then you haven’t lived!



The baby of the group: Jason is fresh out of college and works part time as a copywriter & sales analyst. He’s a cheeky bastard, and too handsome for his own good! He’s a man of many talents and many interests – he likes classical music and emo-trap, go figure!



Ethan usually works as an accountant but he writes on the side. A self-professed OG nerd, he loves retro games, Magic the Gathering, and D&D. You can usually find him re-reading Game Of Thrones, or enthusiastically dancing to Skrillex.



Ruby is an outspoken advocate for trans rights and loves to write about it. She’s smart, sexy, cool, and she definitely DID NOT write this part! When she’s not out there slaying, she’s in here writing. Workaholic is her middle name.


Writer & Designer

Lotte eats prejudice for breakfast! With her level-head, kind voice, and gorgeous smile, she has single-handedly softened the hearts of hundreds of would-be bigots! When she’s not changing the world she likes to knit and play ultimate frisbee.


Writer & Tech Wizard

Demi is our IT professional, and occasional copywriter. In addition to loving all things tech, she loves watching football and she’s quite a talented gymnast! She has a passion for teaching and is considering undertaking a degree in education.