Rodeoh Review

Last updated: Jan 11, 2020
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Rodeoh Harness

  • Material: Silicone
  • Brand: PeeCock
  • Style: Circumsized
  • Editor’s Rating: 4.4 / 5

Reviewing the Rodeoh Boxer Harness was a legitimately enjoyable experience for me. It’s super practical and I had a lot of hot n’ heavy fun with it! If you’re eye-ing this product and you’re looking for a verdict, read on for my comprehensive Rodeoh harness review.

For me personally, the inability to penetratively please my partners adds a lot of fuel to my dysphoria flame. That’s why harnesses are indispensable for me – it makes penetrative play far more enjoyable and it just helps me feel more at home in my body.

Thankfully, it’s never been a better time to buy a harness! There are a ton of online stores where you have a plethora of harnesses to choose from – there are the old school g-string options and kinkier ones made with leather straps and buckles. But through my research, I found that the number of low-quality and uncomfortable harnesses on the market far outnumber the ones that are made with care and quality. 

I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs with these things – from sweaty leather moments to itchy nylon strap-ons. In preparation for this article I wanted to find something that I could confidently recommend, something that I really believe can help alleviate dysphoria. 

So in my research, I took my time to buy and test a variety of harnesses. And finally, I believe I have found the one true harness to rule them all! 

Today we’ll be talking about the Rodeoh Boxer Harness. Saddle up and read on!

A Closer Look At The Rodeoh Boxer Harness

When the package arrived, I was surprised at how it was nearly impossible to make out what was inside – and when it comes to products like these, discreet packaging is always a plus. The Rodeoh harness came in an original drawstring bag with a metal dog-tag that has the word ‘Rodeoh’ stamped on it. Now, I’m not really a big fan of dog-tags but I appreciate loading the product with cute trinkets – I feel like it adds an original flair. 

The first thing that caught my attention when I first held the harness was how soft and comfy it was to touch. Turns out, the fabric is mostly made out of breathable, light cotton – which I think is perfect for both simple daily activities and rough fun in the bedroom. 

When I checked out the garter strap, it felt soft and seemed like it wouldn’t chafe my love handles. Upon closer inspection, the garter is accented with a grey ‘Rodeoh’ and I think that adds an extra oomph of authenticity to this product. It looks so much like regular boxer briefs and it could’ve fooled me if it wasn’t for the o-ring. 

The Rodeo made my bulge look more realistic and attractive – and those who’ve seen me wearing it in the flesh seemed to agree. 

From my experience, loading this with heavy packers is a no-go. If you’re not out to play, choose a light packer to get the job done. Doing this will ensure that your Rodeoh harness doesn’t sag easily and you’ll help prolong its life in your underwear drawer. 

What’s also awesome when it comes to Rodeoh is that the company is very inclusive when it comes to sizing. You can choose from 3XS to 3XL, and I think that’s more than enough to cover the bases. Although the size difference is only an inch per size option, that inch can make a world of difference.

I chose a boxer one size down from my original size due to a couple of experiences I’ve read from other blogs. They advise that if you have a tendency to be rough in the bedroom, it’s best to choose a size lower so your dildo is securely in place. 

Going one size down doesn’t crimp on the comfort levels – it’s still incredibly breathable and my flexibility was barely compromised. As an added bonus, my girl also commented that it gave my butt a lift – which is lowkey awesome!

How To Use The O-Ring

Now let’s talk about how to take the Rodeoh harness for a spin. This isn’t your standard belt and buckle harness but you’ll love how easy it is to use.

Every Rodeoh harness comes with an o-ring. This is what will hold the dildo or prosthetic penis when things get heated. The o-ring has a semi-hard feel and 1.5-inch diameter that best fits smaller toys. Simply insert your toy in the pouch and put it through the ring. It’s that easy! 

Although, it took me a while to experiment and see which toys fit securely and snugly in the o-ring. Most packers and dildos that have balls attached to them seemed to stay on tightly as long as the shaft fits in the o-ring. The balls sit inside the pouch comfortably while the shaft does the work. 

If you enjoy electric vibrators and bullets, it’s gonna be a hit or miss for you. I have found that loading it with classic vibrators is pretty much an exercise in futility since most bullets are simply too thin and just fall off. 

Thankfully, Rodeoh does offer a solution for toys that are too thin to be held by the o-ring – you can purchase a neoprene stabilizer that will securely hold toys with girths in between 1 to 1.5-inch. So bullet lovers, rejoice!

Pro-tip: If the o-ring is a tight squeeze for your toy and you’re afraid that the friction will cut and damage your packer or dildo’s silicone material, cover the shaft with plastic wrap and put it through. This will reduce the friction and make loading your toy through the o-ring a smoother experience.

Pack Tight

So, how does the Rodeoh boxer harness fare when it doubles as packing wear? 

The Rodeoh harness works great as a discreet packer during the day. Its inconspicuous design is meant to safely cradle your jewels – something  you can’t do with your usual strap-on harness. 

It’s also compatible with most STP packers. Just place it in a comfy position inside the pouch and do the necessary adjustments when you need to take a piss. But as much as loading the shaft through the o-ring and peeing with that seems like a good idea, my experience soon became wet and messy. It was hard to control my STP using that method and I recommend that you pull down the boxer harness instead. 

Make sure you fully empty and dry out your STP before loading it back in the pouch. Keep everything as hygienic as possible – after all, you want to take care of your precious bits. 

As mentioned above, the Rodeoh harness also accentuates your bulge – making it more obvious under jeans or pants. When I wore jeans with the Rodeoh boxer harness, I layered another pair of boxers on top, just to keep my packer safe. 

I also heard that some men found the o-ring a little dysphoric when it showed through soft and silky fabrics like gym shorts. In this situation, the same trick with layering more underwear on top worked for me. 

Overall, the Rodeoh Boxer harness does have its shortcomings when used as packing underwear. But, the comfort and security it provides really sets it apart from other harnesses, so at the end of the day, it will always have a place in my wardrobe.

Playing With The Rodeoh Boxer Harness

I was super excited to have sex with my girl using this – and she was too. We’re used to conventional g-string and jockstrap harnesses that involve a lot of adjusting while doing the deed. And to be quite honest, that usually killed the mood. 

As I previously stated, I purchased a Rodeoh Boxer Harness that’s a size down from my usual underwear size. Somewhere in a blog, it was mentioned that to keep things truly tight and snug, getting a tighter fit was vital. And it proved to be true! I felt like I was fully in control of my toy and I was able to make faster and deeper thrusts without worrying about it coming off. 

Another thing I can attest to is that I felt more in contact with my girl compared to when I used other variations of harnesses. There’s something about that pouch and o-ring combo that made the deed more intimate, despite literally having a layer of underwear on while having sex. 

The o-ring is positioned a little high for my taste when it comes to receiving pleasure. A workaround for this is simply positioning it a little lower for comfort so it lines up with your anatomy. 

Again, keep in mind that the o-ring is not compatible with every prosthetic cock and will not stretch to accommodate girthy toys. But with what I’ve seen, the prosthetics and dildos that fit inside the o-ring barely have a chance to slip or get loose during sex. 

Personally, being able to fully control my cock with the Rodeoh boxer certainly helped alleviate some of my dysphoria. And I think that any customer who’s looking for a sex harness will most likely find the Rodeoh boxer worth the buy.

Wash And Care

The Rodeoh Boxer Harness won’t last forever and just like any other underwear, this product’s only meant to last for 2 to 3 years. But with the right care and handling, your pair might last longer than that. 

Of course, sex can get pretty messy and soon enough you’ll need to wash your pair of Rodeohs. Loading it in the washing machine on delicate and tumble drying on the lowest setting is the recommended method for cleaning this pair. But if you want to take it a step further and extend its life, hand wash it and hang it to dry. 

I find that using antibacterial detergent keeps funny odors at bay even if I wear it for a prolonged period of time. And I highly advise against using fabric softeners – this will coat the fabric with chemicals that could irritate your private parts. 

Rounding It Up

At the end of the day, most trans guys are going to need a harness to make sex an easier and more enjoyable activity. The harness has to be able to grip a toy tightly and shouldn’t require too many adjustments. For me personally, the Rodeoh Boxer Harness delivered that and more. 

During the daytime it was the perfect packing underwear – it fit nicely around my body and helped lessen my dysphoria. I didn’t find myself anxious when my partner saw me in my underwear because it looked exactly like how a normal pair of boxer briefs would (sans the o-ring). It kept my packer snug and tight while providing me with an extra pump of style – something you can’t achieve with old-school harnesses!

I really love the Rodeoh Boxer Harness! If boxers aren’t your thing, feel free to search the Rodeoh website for other styles and submit your email address so you get updates on discounts and new designs. You can also converse with the company via their website in case you want to get more information on their products (just make sure you leave your email address so you’ll get notified if they reply to you). They also have a tumblr blog where you can find reviews of their harnesses and toys – and from what I’ve seen, they have a lot of happy customers. 

Among all the harnesses on the market, the Rodeoh Boxer Harness is definitely my favorite, and I’m pretty sure that you’ll love it too!


  • Holds your dildo or toy in place thanks to the 1.5-inch diameter o-ring
  • Designed to look and feel like standard boxer briefs
  • Loading your soft packer is a breeze thanks to its wide-mouthed pocket
  • It’s made with breathable cotton material so everything’s cool and comfy down there
  • Not compatible with girthier toys

How To Choose The Perfect Harness (A Buyer’s Guide)

The harness is a very important tool in transitioning as an FTM. Here I’ll share the major points that you should keep in mind when shopping for the perfect harness.

Comfort Factor

First of all, a harness should be comfortable and non-irritating to your skin. Leather or latex options tend to get a little warm and nylon varieties are irritating and itchy. I suggest finding a harness made with hypoallergenic material, just so you avoid getting your skin irritated. 

Also, if you have an unconventional body type (meaning if you’re too skinny or too heavy), straps or harnesses might slide down on your body or cause you bruises and cuts. Make sure to check out your options. As a customer, you can choose whichever harness to buy but your comfort should be a top priority.

The Look

The next deciding factor is how it looks on you. Are there too many buckles? Is the color too pale? Too bright? Will it look appealing to your partner? You’ll have to answer all these questions and more when you’re picking out a harness. 

Loading a massive dildo in a dainty strap-on is a visual no-no. Try to keep things balanced so you don’t shoo away or scare your company. Keep the size of the straps symmetrical to the size of your toy and let it do its visual work. Yes, sex is all about sensations and feelings but visuals are definitely important too!


Another factor you should keep in mind is the quality of the harness. You wouldn’t want your harness to give up on you after a few sessions. Make sure that the quality of your harness isn’t subpar, and before clicking buy, make sure to check out the blogs and website reviews so your money doesn’t go to waste. 

Usually, the product specs are listed on the website but you can never be sure. Inspect product photos with intent and if possible, look at the photos taken by actual customers. It shouldn’t look flimsy and must be able to withstand hours of physical activity.


Transitioning is expensive, but a high-quality harness shouldn’t cost you an arm and leg. Most of these harnesses are produced in limited quantities as its a niche market so the prices can be a little steep. But I suggest that you invest in one that will last you for a few years. Treat it with care and it might stay in your underwear drawer for longer than expected!

The Manufacturers

Do a little research and support your queer brothers and sisters. You want to buy from companies that personally know the struggle of using subpar harnesses and straps. It’s also fulfilling to know that your money’s going back to the community, and not to some big corporation. 

Unlike most corporations, Rodeoh is proudly founded by a queer woman and operated by a predominantly queer staff. So if you need an extra push to buy the Rodeoh Boxer Harness, here it is. 

Queer-run companies also tend to have awesome customer service and will gladly assist you in any problems that you may encounter.