Peecock 3 Review

Last updated: Jan 11, 2020
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Peecock 3 STP

  • Material: Silicone
  • Brand: PeeCock
  • Style: Circumsized
  • Editor’s Rating: 4.4 / 5

The PeeCock Gen 3 is a 3-in-1 Pack, Pee & Play device that offers me all the FTM tools I need in one convenient package. I’d say it’s one of the best buys I’ve made all year due to its wide range of uses and benefits.

Read my full review to learn why it’s worth a try.

One of the crucial points of my transition was looking for a lifelike prosthetic penis that performs all the functions of a real shaft.

Phalloplasty was out of the question because of the high costs involved, but I knew I needed to have a prosthetic if I were to live the rest of my life as a trans man.

So, I spent quite a bit of money testing out stand-to-pee devices and packers. I’ve also tried DIY solutions, but none of them felt like I had a real, functioning penis. Some of them even made me feel like I was faking it.

That was the case until I found the PeeCock, a 3-in-1 Pack, Pee & Play device. It gives you a realistic bulge, helps you stand to pee and works during sex. While it’s on the pricier side, I ended up saving money in the long run because of the product’s multiple features.

So, let’s talk about how the product helped me complete my transition and how it can help you with yours.

Look And Feel

Before I go and describe the unit itself, let’s talk about the original packaging. When the PeeCock arrived in the mail, it came in a secure and discreet box.

You’d never guess what was inside, which was a huge plus. One thing to note, though, is that if you order a harness with this, the box will say what it’s for.

After unboxing, the first thing I noticed was the quality: it’s made with medical-grade silicone, so it has a soft, natural texture that feels like real skin.

The product comes in light beige, beige, light brown, moderate brown or dark brown. You can check the images on the company’s official website, so you can order a prosthetic penis that matches your skin tone. I don’t recommend buying the light beige unless you have very pale skin. Get something a bit darker than your skin color, as that would make it look more natural.

I use the beige, which is one shade darker than my thigh and pubic area. I’d say the beige color suits me quite well: it looks like it’s always been mine; it feels original. Other prosthetic penises come in weird, unnatural shades of beige that feel inauthentic.

One thing to note about the prosthetic penis’ style and appearance: the color of the penis head is the same shade of beige as the shaft, which looks a little weird. I’d prefer it if the head were in a darker shade of beige to make it seem more realistic.

Despite that, the scrotum and shaft are airbrushed with realistic, lifelike details. Other packers may come in the shade of beige that matches my skin tone, but since they don’t have these details, they only look like beige sticks. No original feel at all. The PeeCock 3 might be a bit veiny, but the details do make the product look and feel like the real thing.

The balls are also a bit too squishy. When squeezed, they make a bit of a sound, which isn’t what you want, especially during foreplay.

By the way, the manufacturer has fixed all of these aesthetic issues for the 3S and 4th generation of this product. You might want to check those out when considering your options.

Another thing I loved about the product’s original style and design are how comfortable it felt when I was wearing it. The funnel is shaped to attach comfortably to the pelvic bone, so I didn’t have to worry if it was going to fall off.

If it feels a bit loose, you can use an original PeeCock Comfort Harness, Jock Harness or Miracle Strap Harness. Do this if you want to wear the PeeCock 3 with boxers. Otherwise, you can secure it in place with tight-fitting briefs.

It will take a bit of practice tucking this to make sure it’s comfortable, but you can pretty much use the same technique that cis men use when adjusting themselves.

Overall, the beige PeeCock felt like I had an actual junk inside my pants. When it comes to packing, I don’t think you can get as close to the original as this product.

Peeing With The PeeCock 3

The PeeCock 3 may look and feel original, but you’re not reading this to learn how good it looks, right? You’re here to find out if it works.

So, let’s talk about the product as an STP tool. I like that it doesn’t need a lot of practice before you can use it for the first time. 

Just unzip your pants in front of a toilet (I don’t recommend using the product in a public urinal before you’ve gotten the hang of it). Then, align the funnel. Pee as usual, making sure to pace yourself to prevent overflowing.

The balls work as sort of a basin that helps contain the urine before it exits. Note that the head of the penis only has a small slit (like an actual penis), so you need to pee as slow as possible to give everything time to drain.

In the beginning, one of my mistakes was focusing on keeping the prosthetic in place. It turns out, you need to use one hand to hold the funnel and the other to point the shaft downward.

Nothing’s worse than seeing pee all over a public toilet or urinal. I didn’t want to be that guy. I took my time learning how to aim.

After peeing, push the scrotum forward to ensure you get rid of any excess pee. Shake two to three times (as you would do to an original penis), and you’re done. Clearing excess pee can be a little difficult if you’re wearing a harness since it’s hard to angle the penis such that everything exits through the head.

Personally, it took me about five days of consistent use before I gathered up the courage to start using a public urinal. But when I finally did, it was glorious. I felt like I was finally peeing the way I was always meant to.

I understand that some trans men can transition to using a public urinal faster, but as far as I’m concerned, I think the learning curve wasn’t so bad.

Pleasure With Your Partner

Next, let’s talk about using the PeeCock for sexual intercourse. I was first hesitant to use it for this purpose, as I usually use other devices for sex, not a packer.

But I was enticed by how convenient it would be not to be carrying around other toys to fulfill this need. I still kept my handy dildo around in case it doesn’t work, but with my partner’s approval, we decided to give it a try.

Before anything, I made sure that the PeeCock was completely clean (straight out of the wash). Then, I placed the erection rod into the funnel. This firmed up the soft, flaccid PeeCock, making it ready for action.

Always remember to put water-based lube on the erection rod. Like a real penis, you should also wear a condom.

I appreciated that the stiffness was just right – it felt like an actual erection, not a fence pole. I let my partner squeeze it during foreplay, and she loved how the skin felt like she was holding a real penis.

My favorite part is that the erection rod can be bent to stimulate my partner in different ways. She particularly enjoyed feeling the PeeCock inside them, as its texture and firmness was similar to a real shaft. Being able to change the angle of the erection was a feature that didn’t come with previous PeeCock models, and I’m glad they added this to the third generation.

One downside of using the PeeCock is that you shouldn’t ask your girl to ride you. It might cause too much pressure on the device, causing its skin to tear. If you and your partner love this position, I suggest you use a dildo.

Another thing you should know about the PeeCock: you can choose different sizes.

I’ve tried the 4.75-inch and 5.5-inch beige packer, but I prefer the one that stretches up to 4.75 inches only. The length and size make it easy for me to use it for peeing, as the urine doesn’t need to travel a long distance to be funneled to the penis head.

The size may not be advantageous in bed, though. If your partner prefers a larger one, you might still need a different toy. Personally, my partner and I don’t mind. Any man should know how to work with what they’re given.

Plug And Play

As they say: pleasure goes both ways. I made sure to purchase the PeeCock Pleasure Set, which comes with a removable beige silicone add-on that pushes against me during penetration.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy this feature: because of the silicone add-on, my partner and I have climaxed at the same time on multiple occasions.

I also use this on my own, sometimes. Being able to touch myself using a product that look and felt like a real penis was a breakthrough (mentally and emotionally).

Remember to apply lube on the silicone add-on to avoid overstimulation. I also wear a harness so I don’t have to worry about the prosthetic detaching mid-thrust.

Clean And Carefree

Just like an original penis, cleaning the prosthetic won’t be much of a fuss. Every night, I just rinse the device, lather it with liquid antibacterial soap, then flush with water.

Try not to wash it with harsh soap, like laundry detergent, as the paint can fade over time. Use an antibacterial soap you would use for your own skin.


The product is only meant to last 1-2 years. But to ensure it lasts you as long as it should, try not to tug the silicone too much during sex or while peeing. I’ve read reviews saying that it can tear if you’re a bit rough, though I haven’t experienced this with mine.

Treat it as you would a real shaft: with utmost care.

Packing It All In

As a trans man, it was important for me to have a prosthetic penis that served all the functions of a real one. The PeeCock did that for me. I like its original, lifelike appearance, especially since its shade of beige matched me perfectly. The texture was also convincing, so I never felt embarrassed about whipping it out in front of my partner.

In summary, I think the product is worth the cash. In fact, it works so well that I’ve forgotten I’d considered bottom surgery in the first place. If you’re getting PeeCock 3, you’ll find great discounts, though you should also check out the newer models for their improved design and features.

Among the products I’ve had to review, I can confidently say that this prosthetic penis is a keeper. It made my transition a lot easier, and I hope it does for you, too.


  • Packs comfortably and stays in place without the need for a harness
  • The original shape and design helps you stand to pee without leaking
  • Can be used for sex and self-pleasure, like an actual penis
  • The head and scrotum don't look realistic

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